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Helado Negro - "Playas"

Helado Negro a.k.a. Roberto Carlos Lange has released a really trippy video for the song entitled "Playas". It's a mash up of colors and different artwork. If you are epileptic you may want to be careful with this video. The actual musical style of the video is great though and you get a sense of Helado's eclectic style because its hard to pinpoint an exact genre with this. Stereogum goes on to say:

The eclectic Brooklyn-via-South Florida sound sculptor Roberto C. Lange, aka Helado Negro, counts Funkadelic, DJ Premiere, South American 60's pop, Arthur Russell, the Ecuadorean ballad singer Julio Jaramillo, and others as influences for his Latin-infused ambient/avant-pop weirdness. Also, he's literally a sculptor: Among other things, he's composed the music for "typewriters that self-type the lyrics to Grand Master Flash's 'The Message' (in rhythm to the song, none-the-less)" in collaboration with David Ellis............The Falcon Hawksome-directed video for "Playas," a song from his Asthmatic Kitty debut Awe One, serves as a brief introduction...Awe One is out via Asthmatic Kitty. You can also continue your research via his downloadable Twitter mini-album. Helado Negro's going on a "5 Boroughs Tour" in a couple weeks before he does some shows outside of NYC.



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