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DuB music

I have recently become a huge fan of Dub music. I was introduced to the genre by an avid fan in San Diego, California. He introduced me to artists such as King Tubby and Scientist. These were the originators of the genre. King Tubby is credited with starting the genre and Scientist was one of his disciples. They started a movement that dates back to the late 60's

King Tubby was a sound engineer. His background was mostly technical. He started taking reggae music and adding alot of different layers and different "electronic" sounds. He also added many echoes and many other "effects" to come up with his unique sound. You will become an instant fan of the genre if you like "chill" music that tries to take you on a trip. Here are two dub songs that really show the origins of the genre as a whole.

Dub is great to listen to if you are smoking the spoils from the earth. Green to black.

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