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Souls Of Mischief is BACK!

Souls of Mishcief is an older underground hip-hop group. They hail from Oakland California. One of their most famous tracks has to be 93  'Til Infinity. This track was also redone recently by Kanye West. His song was called 03 'Til Infinity. Kanye's version doesnt come close to the original. This is one of those classic songs that should never be re-touched.  The best thing about the original is that the beat and vibe of the song is timeless. It was released in 1993 and could still be played on the radio today. Souls of Mischef has now recently released a new song from their upcoming album. The song is called "Tour Stories". It definitely has that old school vibe but also something fresh. I'm a big fan of songs that have that beat that just tries to put you in  trance. This song definitely has that "put you in a trance" mood. See what you think:

Here is SoM from long ago



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