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Creators can now earn revenue via SoundCloud

Today is another big day for music streaming services. Following big announcements from Spotify and Pandora, SoundCloud has one of its own. After announcing at the end of 2016 that it would no longer flag DJ mixes for removal, SoundCloud has reached further agreements to help maintain one of its original unique draws and support those making remixes and long-form mixes. In a new update, SoundCloud Premier (not to be mistaken as SoundCloud Go or SoundCloud Go+), the service's app geared toward creators, will provide an opportunity for artists to earn revenue. Powered by the revenue generated from subscription services and ad revenue, it's clear that SoundCloud Premier is the missing link in a circle focused on the community of artists it serves. The program is invite-only right now, but as the program poses to expand, this update could pose as a real game changing moment for the platform, pending on how large its community can become.

SoundCloud has not released the criteria by which one can become a member of SoundCloud Premier, nor the criteria for getting paid.

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