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Spotify partners with The North Face to launch weather dictated release

Two industry leaders in very different spheres - The North Face and Spotify - have partnered together to launch some totally new technology. With the launch of its latest rain jacket, the Apex Flex GTX, The North Face isn't just debuting the latest piece in their Gore-Tex line. Spotify is getting in on the launch, partnering it with a big accomplishment of their own debuting today: a weather-triggered track release. Called "Seek No Shelter" together, the campaign will also release rock band White Denim's latest single, that will be premiered this Thursday, March 16th at the FADER FORT at SXSW. Not following a standard release schedule, White Denim's track will only be available where it is currently raining. Venturing into new territory - geo-targeted releases - Spotify, The North Face and White Denim are creating a new experiential marketing experience for fans. Want proof? We just tried unlocking the new single here in New York, where it's freezing but bright and sunny. The response:

This partnership comes as other brands like Adidas and Equinox have been looking to cross-merchandise and integrate to create total lifestyle experiences. Music, clothing and experience converge in "Seek No Shelter," and we can take away a new song, as well as a new rain jacket ($199-230) to remember this launch.



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