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Art School Girlfriend releases the arresting title track of her debut album, "Is It Light Where You Are"

London-based artist Polly Mackey created the archetype for herself as Art School Girlfriend, which might make one think of qualities like originality, mysteriousness, and talent. Mackey hits the bar for all these traits and more with her majestic, nocturne pop. Her debut album has been locked up for awhile, all of it coming from her 2019 diary. However, she's ready to bare all with the September 10th release.  Today, she releases the title track for her upcoming debut album, "Is It Light Where You Are."

"Is It Light Where You Are" is sure to keep you on your toes. What starts out with a clubby, hip-shaking looped beat, suddenly gets a melancholy, humming synth. Then, in come Mackey’s deep and sultry vocals, saying “Lost my head there for a minute”, snapping us into her atmospheric dreampop world.

Fans of Lorde or The Japanese House will enjoy her downtempo and ambient sound, with her debut album officially releasing on September 10th. 

Connect with Art School Girlfriend: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook| Spotify


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