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spill tab returns with fast paced new single, "Indecisive"

LA-based singer, songwriter spill tab is constantly pushing the boundaries of the indie genre. Whether it be distorted riffs or soft vocals, spill tab’s sound is unique and constantly changing. Her newest single, “Indecisive” is no exception. 

“Indecisive” is an energy-infused track. The track is a deep dive into the busy and chaotic mind of spill tab, as she sings about the thoughts that flow through her mind. There are nods to struggling relationships, compromises, and pensive thoughts. Sonically, the track is sporadic, filled with fast-paced drums, echoing melodies, and plenty of fleeting ear candy. “Indecisive” also features Tommy Genesis, who lays down a verse that fits perfectly into the flow of the track.

Spill tab continues to showcase her wide range of skills and styles. “Indecisive” is a cohesive and fast-paced track, filled with energy and excitement. As she gears up for another EP, it will be exciting to see what song we hear next!


Connect with spill tab : Instagram | Twitter



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