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nimino delivers a strong and imaginative debut album with Rooms On The Ark

London artist Milo Evans, known professionally as nimino, takes us on a journey of fluid sonics and imaginative visuals on his biggest project to date, Rooms On The Ark. With lush instrumentals that move smoothly from his signature downtempo electronic soundscape to more experimental styles, the 10-track album sprawls from vibrant bouncy pop on one end and deeper house and garage productions on the other end. nimino’s debut album is a unique, conceptual project born out of a deeply imaginative bond between audio and visuals. 

Opening with an anthemic, synth-tinged intro track into the meditative stylings of “Light Up,” that is enveloped in a calming melody and soft, almost-whispered vocals making for a very early album highlight. Almost immediately, the production switches moods blasting straight into the groovy “What What I Want,” featuring catchy danceable beats and sultry vocals from Tori Romo.

The instrumentation moves slowly and seamlessly from the modern electronic sounds into soothing ambient offerings, the hazy pop-influenced stylings of “No Stressin,” which leads straight into a cinematic showcase of “ Where I’m At,” featuring stunning chord progressions embedded into an earworm melody elevated by the smooth vocals of Harrison Mayo.

Approaching the tail end of the album, the electro-influence returns with heavily synth-tinged offering “Clouds,” featuring Ro Nova, whose soft vocal delivery lends a smooth jazzy touch to the track. Final two tracks "Satin,” with Nikita Bassi and “The Gallery,” featuring Alex Arcoleo Lead straight from the soothing, piano-led soundscape “Satin” to the thumping bass line and rumbling house style of the latter.

The rich production reaches its peak by the time the ethereal and atmospheric “Outro (Falter)” rolls around, zeroing in on the self-taught musician’s raw talent for experimentation as it the project closes out on a soaring high of organs and choir-influenced instrumentals, grounded by quiet, soothing vocals.

An album built on the very specific imagery of “a slightly desolate, independent landscape,” nimino describes Rooms On The Arkas a “cohesive, first person experience." Hypnotic, delicate and the perfect showcase of his artistic progression over the years, nimino showcases his refined sound and production abilities interwoven with futuristic sound design,  diverse musicality and the talented touch of several talented featuring artists.

Poised with calm, and founded on a world of stories, nimino brings listeners in with an intricate balance between soothing music and dance-focused vibes, for a project that’s worth taking some time to stop and listen to – more than once.  

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