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Australian singer Elaskia reflects on the loss of treasured relationships on "Can't Help Loving You"

Australia-based singer-songwriter Elaskia delivers an emotive slice of cinematic pop on the new track “Can’t Help Loving You,” detailing the heartbreak of losing someone you love. The delicate offering brings a minimalistic piano-led melody as the powerful grasp of Elaskia bold yet angelic vocals ushers a rush of relatable feelings related to loss. Despite the pain that the track portrays at its forefront, Elaskia weaves the narrative with the empowerment of letting go of the pain and moving on through her songwriting prowess.

Hitting the fine balance between feeling pain and freeing yourself from it, the song takes listeners through the frustration of being let down by someone trusted, touching on the hurt that comes from false promises and the fear of accepting “some relationships aren’t meant to stay close,” before coming to terms with it and emerging stronger. With a simplistic yet impactful composition that hones in on Elaskia talent for writing vulnerable lyricism drawn from genuine lived experiences, “Can’t Help Loving You,” doesn’t shy away from raw emotion.

Nestled in a comforting, intricate soundscape, the track purposefully makes no effort to seem flawless as Elaskia allows the emotions of the moment take over. Speaking of the recording process she says, “It was a really different experience recording this one for me too. I remember sitting there with my producer and we purposely chose ones where my voice shook or crumbled a little when I was trying to sing because you could actually feel the emotion.”

With her previous release, “I Will Do Anything,” landing on an episode of one of Australia's most successful TV shows Home and Away, Elaskia’s unique brand of pop possess the ability to tease out imaginative visuals, thus seeing her music find spots on television and streaming, including Netflix series Dynasty and Marvel’s Runaways. Now with what is her most emotive and personal track to date, this rising star is making her way to stardom.

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