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DJ Lucas, Papo2oo4, and Subjxct5 share fresh new visual for "Rush Hour" [Video]

DJ Lucas, Papo2oo4, and Subjxct5 have shared a fresh visual for "Rush Hour", a cut off their underrated album Dirty Designer, released earlier this year. Over an energizing, expressive beat from Subjxct5, DJ Lucas and Papo2oo4 trade memorable verses full of vivid imagery.

The instrumental for "Rush Hour" is especially refreshing, containing frantic percussion that plays out at an electrifying pace. Furthermore, the guitars on this beat are thought-provoking and spacey, melding with deep bass to create a hypnotic combination. Over top of the mesmerizing beat, DJ Lucas and Papo2oo4 deliver some characteristically clever verses full of sharply written rhymes that stick in your head long after listening.

The visual for "Rush Hour", shot by Ben Regulr, is laid-back yet evocative, providing a nostalgic mood that matches the song's atmosphere. It features the rappers giving easy-going performances of the song, effectively capturing its improvisational feel. Moreover, the video uses warm coloration to convey a retro feel that absorbs the viewer.

Overall, "Rush Hour" is a strong release from DJ Lucas, Papo2oo4, and Subjxct5, proving that they are up-and-coming artists worthy of much attention in underground hip-hop. This offering provides an intriguingly nostalgic mood that is both familiar and difficult to place, making it idiosyncratic and interesting. Hopefully more is soon to come from this trio, who shared a strong yet underrated album earlier this year in Dirty Designer

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