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Dublin artist KK Lewis traces a journey of self-discovery on debut EP Dreaming

Dublin musician KK Lewis weaves a world of soulful indie-pop on debut EP Dreaming, filled with intimate lyricism and carefully crafted soundscapes that pulls people in with its gentle comfort and warmth.The five-track EP which was rightly described by the rising star as “a skeleton of KK Lewis,” sees the Irish singer open up her heart to glimpses of the stories that have propelled her life forward and others that have held her back.

Opening with the groovy, synth-tinged “Loop Now,” KK showcases her husky vocals, framed by a self-assured persona that seeps out within the anthemic sonics. Quickly moving from the dramatic stylings of “Loop Now,” into the empowered, guitar-led “Good Enough,” she exercises her versatility as she seamlessly shifts between her various artistic personas, delving into the insecurity and confusion she felt during her teenager years.

From the uncertainty she sets up in “Good Enough,” she switches into the soothing tones of poetic melody of “First Bus Home,” which stands out for her sweet vocal delivery layered over a soaring, choir-influenced instrumentation.

“Each song explores a different version of me, revealing a new story and a new sound,” says KK Lewis about the EP. This fact is distinctly clear on single “Petals,” which moves from the quiet lull of the first three tracks of the EP into a far more energetic, catchy sound.

Despite sounding out of place in the sonic world Dreaming has built thus far, feels like a turning point not only in KK’s musicality but on her journey of self-discovery. The video for “Petals,” directed by KK herself and Louis Maxwell, elevates the dramatic feel of the track with series of stunning, stylistic shots that bring the talent’s personality to life.

Following the stand-out offering of “Petals,” the title track closes out the EP with its soft yet haunting touch as KK once again brings attention to her soulful voice built on a foundation of distinctly folksy sonic arrangement, bringing the production to an emotive, vulnerable end that leaves listeners wanting more.

Tracing her path from not feeling comfortable in herself to the moment she comes into her own, taking control of her own narrative. Originally rising to prominence busking in Dublin, the singer who dropped her debut release last year, quickly gained attention for her sincerity refined by a consistently improving sound and with this latest release she continues on an upward trajectory with no indication of slowing down.

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