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Irish producer Braynin delves into love and heartache on debut offering "Butterflies"

Rising Irish producer Braynin offers debut release “Butterflies,” a catchy pop anthem exploring moments of heartache wrapped up in a deceptively feel-good soundscape that blends elements of pop, trap and dance. Inspired by the nervous yet excited flutters of one’s heart when they realise their love for someone for the first time, the track employs Braynin’s emotive vocals in an enticing swirl of guitar and piano.

Tapping into the relatable vulnerability of opening your heart up to someone, the offering ebbs and flows, swinging easily between the comfort of feelings and tinges of honest, humane fear of acknowledging those very feelings. Written, performed and produced entirely by the multi-talented artist, the track establishes his innate skills in everything from song writing and vocal delivery to improvisation, harmony, and composition, which he picked up from the Yehudi Menuhin School and honed with dedicated practice.

Though this is his first release under his Braynin alias, the rising talent from Cork, Ireland has been refining his musicality, racking up both songwriting and production credits. Now pursuing his ambition for music in London, Braynin showcases a natural ability to build a world of engaging stories draped in melodic instrumentals on his debut release which is only the first mark on a career that’s looks likely to continue in an upwards trajectory.

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Dance · Pop · Trap


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