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Friends At The Falls offer a sense of closure with "It's Alright, Let Me Go" [Video]

Taking a brief respite from their typically bubbling crossover of nostalgic indie rock and 80s tinted synth-pop, the LA-based duo of lifelong friends Jake Stam and Matt Montgomery, otherwise known as Friends At The Falls, return with the closure-ridden ballad, "It's Alright, Let Me Go."

Whilst nostalgia is prevalent in a lot of music for all manner of reasons, it's clearly a driving force behind the band, with their cherry-picked aesthetics drawn from era-spanning icons articulated in a manner that balances an affable freshness with an emotive, and warm familiarity, urging memories to the surface for even the most casual of listeners. 

As they gather momentum towards their sophomore EP, they offer a different dimension to their sound, one that retains their marked creative identity, and captures particular flavours of turn of the century pop close to many of our hearts.

Palpably emotive from the offset, a steadfast and sharp piano provides a melodious backbone for the heartstring-pulling vocal to firmly capture all of your attention. Yearning, yet hopeful, the exasperated tone of the albeit confident delivery intertwines with the harrowing and introspective lyricism, garnering a profound sense of authenticity to both facets.

“This song developed by arriving at a feeling of acceptance after much time spent rationalizing a fear to move on, ultimately facing that fear and coming out unapologetic," share the pair in an email statement. "Accompanied by a simple yet powerful arrangement consisting of a pulsing piano, cathartic vocals, and blown out, sporadic drums. Arriving at a final crescendo of screaming synths and cascading arpeggios that lead you into a final exodus, both thematically and melodically."

As the track unfolds, the vocal climbs to a love-stricken falsetto before unfurling into a choir-esque soar that crashes over you with each passing cadence, aptly brought to life in the striking, yet simply executed visual.

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