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Kevin Sinatra tries to shake our "Chrome Hearts"

Kevin Sinatra drops a new single featuring Belis and Soduh titled "Chrome Hearts.” It’s a sophisticated track filled with a heavenly production and poetic lyrics.

Earlier this year, Kevin Sinatra dropped an EP called "Black To Business," revealing his heart and soul through impactful messages that focused on equality. In his new single, Kevin offers us some diversity through his music, making a song that shows another side to him. Regardless of the theme, one thing is for certain: Kevin Sinatra gives us music that makes us feel something powerful internally. In "Chrome Hearts," the message of opening our souls comes across strongly with every word he utters. Never being afraid to express his emotions, Kevin spills his heart out through the poetic lyrics and metaphors in this track. The catchy hook is filled with memorable rhymes and an impeccable delivery, leaving us repeating the lyrics long after the song is over. Belis has such a soothing tone, elevating this track even higher than it already is with her sweet voice.
The passion that exists in this track can be heard in the delivery and the intense lyrics. Adding the perfect background that includes chimes, angel heavenly choir, snappy beats, and a violin, truly gives "Chrome Hearts" the ideal touch. 
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