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Ships Have Sailed drop buoyant new offering

Indie-rock group Ships Have Sailed unleash their infectious new tune “Take My Money”.  It is an upbeat track with a message many of us in this day and age can relate to. With more social media platforms available than ever, we have become a society glued to the internet and our phones.  The offering is a playful response to that constant addiction. The track highlights funk-fueled, jingling soundscapes and compelling vocals. It will have you just as hooked as you are to your apps.

Ships Have Sailed is the creation of vocalist/guitarist Will Carpenter. The band was conceived out of a strong need to focus on new music. Through their intoxicating tracks conjured there is persistence felt in every passionate piece. This cheeky, colorful concoction possesses that same drive while also providing pure fun. Carpenter reveals in a statement “Take My Money" is a somewhat tongue-in-cheek reaction to our ever-connected world where devices and the apps on them seem to run our lives more and more every day, influencing our decisions and our thought patterns.” Check out the irresistible single and discover your new obsession.   

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