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It's an all star affair as Evans Junior, R3D and Tony Konstone link up on "Don't Push Me"

On “Don’t Push Me,” of Ireland’s most unique, interesting talents—Evans Junior, R3D and Tony Konstone—have joined forces in the most unexpected line up of artists we have seen in a long time. 

Evans Junior, R3D and Tony Konstone have all established themselves as solidified solo acts in their own right. Longford's Evans Junior has been dropping a slew of singles since the released of his debut, two-part album Organised Mess. R3D made his name known as the DJ for hip-hop/pop duo Tebi Rex but recent embarked on his own solo music journey with huge singles such as "Zone Out" and "The Vibes". 

Tony Konstone is part of Dublins pop duo Hare Squead. Recognised globally for their breakthrough singles such as "Flowers", "Minor Gangsters" and more infamously "Herside Story" which was removed by Goldlink for his debut album At What Cost. An "All Star" line up right? Let's see if they can live up to the hype. 

"Don't Push Me" is produced by Liam Harris and is a bouncy, trap banger. The track seems to effortlessly glide between verses and chorus with the kind of finesse you expect from a line up like this. Evans carries the majority of the heavy lifting, not to downplay the excellent contributions from Tony and R3D. Evan's interpolation of of the 1982 classic "The Message" by Grandmast Flash & The Furious Five is the glue that ties the record together. Tony and R3D deliver eclectic and smooth verses with punchy flows.

The true highlight here is the chemistry. The boys just have it. They feel like a seasoned rap group and this is their first single. With the imminent release of their All Star Weekend mixtape, it has quickly risen to be one of the most anticipated Irish hip-hop releases of the year. Let's wait and see if they stick the landing. 

Connect with ASW: Evans Junior Instagram | R3D's Instagram | Tony Konstone Instagram 


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