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Quarry showcases his vulnerability on new EP "Is That What You Call Love?"

UK artist Quarry shares his debut mixtape Is That What You Call Love?". Dripping in exceptional pop sonics, the seven track EP is brimming with a whirlwind of synthetic textures that infuse the heart of an artist paving their own path. 

Opening with the upbeat funk-synth blended single "Wake Me Up", the track sets the scene for an abundance of 80s-tinged tracks that also feel incredibly fresh. With a more laidback beat underscoring Quarry's distinct vocals, "Angels & Kings" is a cathartic listen, before "Time's Up" creates an impact with his high octane soulful melodies. It's an EP highlight for sure, with its guitar jangles and smooth beats. 

On the latest single "Puppy Tears", Quarry's pop artistry shines through with radiance. It's a stunning single that is fuelled with emotional and sophisticated production. Before closing the EP, Quarry showcases his vulnerability on "Danced My Way Back". The track delivers on emotive intimacy and showcases an elegant narrative. “With this mixtape I'm holding out real pieces of my heart and hoping people see themselves in it. I'm not the only one that feels these things, and I want the ones that get it to know that as well! I want them to feel understood," he says.

"Like all my favourite songs I can still feel it in my stomach when I listen back. It still hits me the same way as when I wrote it, and it makes me want to reach out and lay my heart on the table. To me, all these songs feel like looking you dead in the eye as I expose my unprotected heart to a dangerous world. “

Is That What You Call Love? is a collection of tracks that spans the pop spectrum with its introspective lyrics and its multitude of energies. Quarry is clearly an artist building a trajectory of clean-cut singles, unafraid to showcase vulnerability and ready to show the world his brilliance.

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Dreampop · Pop · Synth Pop


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