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Hip-hop duo Hippie Tribe drops minimalist but powerful single "Goku"

Alternative hip-hop duo Hippie Tribe drop anthemic new track “Goku,” bringing forth pure grit and talent with their signature blend of hip-hop, R&B and alt-rock. Coming in at just-under-minute-thirty, the track is short yet potent pulling listeners in with its addictive quality.

From a humble beginning playing in a college student’s backyard for a crowd of 30 to headlining legendary New York venues, this latest track from the emerging Brooklyn two-piece is the next milestone of a musical journey sprinkled with passion and desire to experiment.

With no hook or catchy bridge, the energetic offering is a lesson on the impact that minimalistic productions can have, combined with the cushioning of natural talent and a lifetime of dedication to their craft.

On the track and beyond, the duo consisting of blond.bomber anddp.thuHippie, marry their unique ,versatile skillsets to deliver music that weaves the former’s childhood of classical training with the latter’s aspirations to write, direct and score his own movies, for a soundscape that’s as vibrant and trendy as it is teeming with expertise and self-confidence.

Inspired by the urge to break out of the confines of normalcy, the track which draws its name from popular animated show Dragonball Z is an empowering one at its root, encouraging listeners in blond.bomber’s words to “go Super Saiyan,” with dp.thuH making it known that anyone listening ought to “feel like their best self” tuning into the song.

As a pair who have been rising steadily with a winning combo of experience and experimentation, “Goku,” is a headbanging offering, the untethered energy of which, lingers in the air long after it finishes. And with this undeniably catchy number, the duo could be poised for flight on their launch pad to stardom, founded on hard work, fuelled by passion and kept afloat by skills that are constantly refining itself.


Hip-Hop · Rap


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