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Calica's new single "Letting Go" is reminiscent of happier times

Indie pop singer Calica just released her latest single “Letting Go” and it glimmers with the spirit of summer love, adventure, and fun-filled magic after months of troubling times and isolation.

“Letting Go” is a disco-infused track inspired by Calica’s former love affair in Miami. The song reflects on their special memories together and we feel a sense of longing for the fun adventures they once shared. The dance floor beat exudes hypnotic qualities that brood and sizzle beneath Calica’s alluringly warm vocals. Even though the song is somewhat mysterious and leaves more questions than it does answers, the upbeat tempo of "Letting Go" radiates with a sense of innocence and deep longing that makes it feel hopeful and earnest. Jovial and funk-filled disco production, lush arrangements, and groovy synths, work together to create an infectious track perfect for the summer months.

Inspired by great indie bands such as LCD Soundsystem and MGMT, Calica is best known for her ability to craft memorable songs with the artful use of synths and brazen lyrics. Growing up in Miami, she began singing and performing piano at the young age of 6 and soon attended performing arts schools throughout her childhood and teens. In April of 2020 Calica became TikTok famous after posting a heart-warming video of her father reacting to one of her songs. Since then, the songwriter has unleashed catchy indie pop singles centered around themes including nostalgia, relational conflict, self empowerment and more. 

Check out “Letting Go” here and slip away to the dance floor. 

Connect with Calica: TikTok | Instagram

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