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S.A.M & Pritt team up on the R&B-soaked EP "Take 2"

When South London-based rising R&B artist Pritt teamed up with North West London rapper S.A.M decided to collaborate, they instantly knew that combining their sonic worlds would create some incredibly special. Sharing the new EP Take 2, the pair ride the high of R&B's allure. 

On opening track "365", the pair share a moment of lust. It's a track brimming with the emotions surrounding the honeymood period of a relationship where you're so intensely into them that you want to see them every single moment of every single day. S.A.M's talents shine through with his infectious chrous, making the single a heightened R&B cut that showcases what Take 2 is about to navigate through. 

Whilst "Smoke & Mirrors" effuses a heavenly looping backbeat, "Trials and Tribulations" showcases a guitar rhythm that flows irresistably underneath the lyrical expertise of S.A.M, before Pritt's vocals offer an alternative viewpoint with glorious vocal tones. Yet it's on "Thinking" that we truly get to see the beautifulness of Pritt's vocals. With a laidback piano melody underscoring her voice, it's a moment of reflection that splits the EPs intensity. Followed with "Common Denominator", the lush undertones of soothing R&B-fused soundcapes are once again cushioned underneath the honeyed sounds of Pritt. It's a highlight of the EP with its irresistable sultry nature.

On EP closer and latest single, "Drowning" combines effortless, spacious melodies with a heart-pulse beat that makes you settle into the track's narrative. It's an emotion-evoking single that hooks you in to the tale of two people struggling to find a middle ground without losing touch of one another. "I remember watching this documentary one day and just thinking that the sea can be the most peaceful place to be on a summers day but in a storm can be the most destructive. It just reminded me of a toxic relationship," says S.A.M. "Sometimes you can try find love in other people yet you still come running back and end up in a repetitive cycle of “drowning in love”. To the point it becomes too much and you just left with memories of a person. I think that’s what “Drowning” really tried to channel."

Telling us more, Pritt explains: "Drowning focuses on the penultimate part of a toxic relationship, past all the heartbreak where you are nothing but done with the situation. Reminiscing the good times but the bad seems to outweigh it."

The blend of backgrounds and creative crossover has left us blessed with an EP that sits blessed within the R&B genre. Built with sultry intimacies and the connection between two artists who know exactly what kind of music they want to make. Take 2 explores what two artists can accomplish when a collaboration is successful.

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