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Australian sibling duo The Beamish Brothers drop light-hearted alt-pop track "Privilege" [Video]

Credit : Tayla Lauren

Following the success of their previous single, “Anxious,” Australian duo The Beamish Brothers share infectious, new single “Privilege,” which takes a tongue-in-cheek jab at the wealthy and financially privileged. Bringing together elements of funk, soul and R&B, the track roots the duo’s catchy soundscape with a thought-provoking message.

Written alongside singer-songwriter Chymes, this latest offering sharpens the sibling duo’s already-established ability to infuse earworm melodies with profound political and social commentary. Stocked with soaring riffs, the groovy, suave instrumentals meet laid-back vocal delivery on the track which easily toes the line between seriously questioning the advantages that some people are blessed with and encouraging people to approach life with an open sense of gratitude.

At its core, the track is a light-hearted one and this is reflected in the kaleidoscopic brightness of the accompanying visuals. The music video with its bold and purposeful style, elevates the story-telling within the track, introduces two caricature-esque characters, Dallas (portrayed by Ben Beamish) and Courtney-Lynn (portrayed by Meg Aspinall) as the forebearers of privilege. On the inspiration behind the music video, they commented, “We figured we all probably know a ‘Dallas’ and ‘Courntey-Lynn’ and so we decided to center the song around these two, particularly out-of-touch characters.”

Hailing from the inland town of Toowoomba, Australia, the rising duo have been crafting a new flavor of intelligent alt-pop over the past few years. The pair who broke onto the scene in 2019 have risen quickly with their recently released EP Brutalism with “Privilege,” being yet another mark on what’s set to be a long musical journey sprinkled with seamless harmonies steeped in pure, youthful energy.

The Beamish Brothers who have also worked with a youth mental charity One Eighty, on prevention and early intervention in their previous release, prove their talent for delivering laid-back productions with sharp lyricism, easily offsetting their penchant for creating easy-to-listen music with their passion to make a difference with their craft.  

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