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All Day Breakfast Cafe share "Old School Struggling"

South London-based all-female band All Day Breakfast Cafe's debut single "Old School Struggling" is a retro-fitted disco/pop jam with a modern twist. The seven-member band brings to the forefront rousing upbeat energy while exploring their day-to-day struggles. Anchored by lead singer Loucin Moskofian who delivers an astounding performance, listeners get a whiff of the band's unique style that bridges the '70s, '80s all the way through the present. The band takes us through the ups and downs as they try to find their way around the never-ending cycle. From slaving away at a painful 9-to-5 to saving up extra cash by working a side-job or working through the weekends. The sound may be slightly different but the struggle remains the same.

The production here is quite marvellous and it really harks back to the disco era with its punchy drums, multi-layered horn sections, lush bass guitars and a gripping funky bass line. It's without a doubt, a well-crafted piece and upon further listens, I even noticed a slight homage to the English band Heatwave's signature bass at the 2-minute mark when the bass solo comes in. "Old School Struggling" is All Day Breakfast Café's debut single and marks the first of many releases from the seasoned live band. Having put their energy into the recording studio instead, All Day Breakfast Café are now set to burst onto the live scene with festivals already booked this year. Their debut EP, Builder's Brew (a play on Miles Davis' psychedelic jazz album Bitches Brew) will be released in Autumn.

All Day Breakfast Café is made up of vocalist Loucin Moskofian ,Flutist Kasia Kawalek, Bassist Amy Gadiaga, Guitarist/songwriter Jelly CleaverTash Keary on drum duties while Beth Hopkins and Lettie Leyland command the horn section. 

Get it on al DSPs here.

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Alt-Pop · Disco · Funk


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