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Blacksmith reflects on a year of isolation on "Everything Is Blue"

Bristol-based rapper Blacksmith explores ever-changing emotions on new track “Everything Is Blue,” taken from his upcoming project Less Ego More Soul. With breezy beats and buoyant guitar backdrops an important message about politics, the pandemic and the monotony of life in-between, is framed impactfully in a tongue-in-cheek manner.

Known for his trademark of witty but poetic song writing, Blacksmith refines his flow in the track which is an ode to the tumultuous past year the world has collectively experienced and one that the rising producer describes as having “written itself,” influenced ironically by a lack of creative inspiration during a lockdown.

With a laid-back, groovy vibe anchored by intelligent lyricism which references things like Zoom calls, self-isolation, the NHS and the desperate need and inability to “change the view,” because of lockdown getting everyone stuck inside the same four walls harken back to feelings that every listener can relate to, the track is catchy but with the undercurrents of frustration cutting through it.

Soothing but politically aware, the track toes the line between humor and introspection. The accompanying music video elevates this intricate narrative with a cheeky poke at the UK’s timeline in the pandemic, with trippy visuals of Blacksmith seeing a reflection of himself in everyone he comes across due to a shared loss of normalcy and prolonged isolation.

“To me, 'Everything Is Blue' sums up the general frustration of dealing with the repercussions of the last 12 months," he said of the song's inspiration. "I wrote it during the height of the last lockdown just after winter when I think everything was dark and cold and I think along with most people just felt like I was hitting a wall. It’s light-hearted but with a serious nature touching on a lot of important aspects that we’ve seen over the last year.”

Having forged  a career as an MC and producer with a string of successful singles, Blacksmith has not only honed his musicality  but has gained more confidence in his storytelling abilities with his latest offering, setting him up as a promising act in underground rap.  

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