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Th&o. gets lost in the dark depths of "Ebusuku" [Video]

South African singer and producer Th&o. explores the intricacies of pleasure and pain in his new cinematic new video for "Ebusuku", named after his 2020 debut LP.  Rife with ominous hints, beat switches, and plenty of shots of prosecco, the Aadil Dhalech-directed video is the adventure that keeps on giving.

"Ebusuku", which means “late night” in Zulu, captures Th&o. searching for clarity amidst the dark of night. The simulation-like reverie feels almost animated at times.  Neon lights and fog surround him as his eyes lock on a sign that reads: “Next stop: 200 miles”. An unlikely safe haven appears in the middle of nowhere and his curiosity gets the best of him as he gets out of the car.

The sinister electronic beat skids and glitches as the plotline gets more and more complex. The experimental artist, who refers to his futuristic sound as "Afrotronic," mixes dynamic elements like a bartender for a delectable blend of both alternative funk and electronica. Spliced with deja-vu moments and unexpected sonic twists, "Ebusuku" perfectly demonstrates the endless creativity of the multifaceted Johannesburg-based wonder.

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