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Tebi Rex and ROE create high level art on new collaboration, "Hanging with Trees" [Video]

Tebi Rex and ROE link up to deliver an extremely thought-provoking record about friendship and loneliness on "Hanging with Trees."

Following the release of Tebi Rex's latest EP, Brackets, it was evident something was going on with the Kildare based rap/pop duo.  Matt and Max have been in an experimental period post their debut album. Messing with sounds inspired from electronic music and melding them with hip-hop and pop elements have opened a whole new horizon for the group. Tracks like "Oh It Hurts" and "White Boy of the Month" have proven that there is so much more depth and edge to this duo than first thought. 

"Hanging With Trees" is another artistic statement of intent from the Word Up Collective heavyweights. The record magnificently blends pop and rap elements with some interesting electronic elements. The true highlight of this record, however, is the storytelling aspect. The feature performance from ROE is nothing short of breathtaking. Matt delivers an excellent chorus and adds a much needed tinge of humour before the beat drops. Max does an incredible job from a rapping perspective, keeping it enticing throughout with interesting rhyme schemes and punchy flows. He also has is hand in directing the incredible video along with Doug Clinch. The imagery on offer is stellar and the concept of the visual is stunning. A true home run no matter what way you look at it. 

We wouldn't be remiss in saying this is Tebi Rex's best work to date. A flawless effort in every department that has sent anticipation for what's to come to a fever pitch level. The highest recommendation we can give. A must see set of talent. 

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