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Ciel and Dan Only release debut EP as Cloudsteppers

Toronto based artists Ciel and Dan Only have joined forces in the form of Cloudsteppers. A fresh debut released via X-KALAY, The Limit delivers four drum-heavy cuts that will elevate you to a higher place. As melodically-inclined producers, the duo decided to step away from their usual sound and focus on the drums and fx — the result being one of the most exciting releases of 2021.

Title track “The Limit” flicks between moody jungle, heavy breakbeats and techno flavours to create an immediate standout. An undeniable dancefloor destroyer, this one has the rave written all over it— we can only imagine how good it’s going to sound in a grotty basement. Six and a half minutes of 160 madness. Stripping things right back, “Slinky Bork” offers a bouncy UK tech-house cut, highly reminiscent of the Wiggle/Euka House era. Painting a cosmic soundscape from start to finish, "Slinky Bork" is going to sound just as good in 15 years' time.

The B-side kicks off with “Diva Loops”, a playful cut that covers every end of the spectrum. Clattering drums, choppy vocals and subtly strong bass break out into a chirpy melody, offering a chilled moment before diving straight back into the heavy stuff. Incredibly fun and a hint subaquatic, it's one to be enjoyed in the sun. “Trigger Happy” rounds off the EP with a 4x4 club cut that screams festival anthem. It’s lively, brimming with punchy rhythms and never lacking in dreamy moments. A delightful way to bring things to a close, we can only hope there’s more where this came from.

The Limit can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp.

Connect with Ciel: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Connect with Dan Only: Spotify | Twitter | Instagram

Dance · Drum and Bass · House · Tech House · Techno


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