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NY's own Lloyd Banks lets us know that his bars are 'The Course of the Inevitable'

New York's very own Lloyd Banks dropped his new album The Course of the Inevitable - whose title symbolically speaks for itself. As soon as you press play, you won't be able to escape Lloyd Banks' fiery bars and intense production. Every single track on this album is absolutely incredible. 

Lloyd Banks last dropped an album in 2018, so it comes to no surprise that the anticipation for The Course of the Inevitable was tremendous. This latest project, has the emcee dropping 18 tracks of pure fiery bars that will have you speechless, leaving you in awe. 

Opening up with "Propane," Banks' pen game has not weakened one bit. Bars like: "20 years of pushing this pen/ An instrumental threat / Death to haters/ Can't even be herе in spirit/," sends a clear and vivid message out to his audiences. On "Sidewalks," the metaphorical wordplay is quick and heavy-witted as well. On "Empathy," he offers free game as he gives those who are entering the music industry gems that they can use in order to succeed while mixing powerful piano keys with boom bap beat. 
If it wasn't clear before, Banks truly is a lyrical genius. His delivery is just as powerful as his pen game, as every word is uttered with such care and precision. His powerful raspy voice carries such gracefulness at the same time, a beautiful contradiction, making his bars feel effortless and natural. 
It is also important to note the features that make an appearance throughout this album. "Formaldehyde" features Benny the Butcher as powerful lyrics and tones have the ability to literally stop time for a few minutes. Styles P, a New York legend delivers that classic New York energy with a Godspeed flow and unbeatable lyrical talent. Lastly, "Falsified" featuring Ransom is the best example of how crucial these legends are to the hip-hop scene even years later. 
The Course of the Inevitable is a powerful album for New York, especially with the gritty sounds and confidence found in the high-leveled bars. There is not one track that you will feel like skipping. Press play and get lost in the Empire State with Banks. 
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