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Independent posse indie tribe returns with their biggest endeavor, TRIBAL COUNCIL [Video]

After losing two members and subsequently adding two members to the roster, the independent collective called indie tribe has been back on the move. Their latest release, UPPERHAND, has been breaking necks with its rise on the iTunes charts. Last week, they released a music video for their track, "TRIBAL COUNCIL."

The "tribe" now consists of artists nobigdyl.Mogli the Iceburg, and new additions Jon Keith and DJ Mykael V.The music video was shot and edited by Cinemaddox, AKA Garet Maddox, who has worked with nobigdyl. on many of his music videos in the past. He creatively shot the crew in "TRIBAL COUNCIL" with a respective palette of black, white, and an orange accent. The visual's set varied from cruising in the car with the band, hanging in the cul-de-sac, and more iconically, rapping inside of an outdoor skate park bowl. 

"TRIBAL COUNCIL," produced by 1995, is your classic kick, snare lunchroom hip-hop cut consisting of no hook and a cypher-feel. The members of the clique put their best foot forward in a competitive bar-off. It's the fitting track to bookend their latest release, UPPERHAND, which shocked the entire independent hip-hop community by hitting #2 on the iTunes hip-hop chart and #5 on overall genres.

indie tribe have a fun saying they like to say: "the tribe's on the move." Whatever is going on with these fellas needs to be taken notice of because it is being not only streamed, but purchased as well. 

Connect with the indie tribe: Website | Twitter | Apple Music | Youtube | Instagram

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