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PhlexDenary adds some "Flavour" to the music scene [Video]

PhlexDenary drops a new visual "Flavour," an enthralling single that incorporates captivating drum patterns and a smooth vocal.

PhlexDenary is an international Afro pop musician who has released numerous singles, such as "Tolani" and "Medicina," both bright, danceable tracks. The various upbeat Afrobeats that he incorporates into his music are magnetic to say the least, this new single "Flavour" being a favorite. He has an extremely smooth voice that is relaxing as his tone feels like he's singing an energetic lullaby. Having a diverse pool of instruments,  the drums and the saxophone particularly create a classy beat that compliment each other perfectly.  Lyrically, Phlex poetically pieces words together in a rhyming way that's clever because the words intertwine effortlessly with the beat. As Phlex tells a love story through intense lyrics, we also see PhlexDenary dance along with his love through all of the seasons in the visual, making us want to do the same. This is undeniably the perfect summer hit to dance with the love of your life.
Connect with PhlexDenary: Instagram | Spotify 
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