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Hyra delivers dance ready single, "Rendezvous"

Miami-based singer-songwriter Hyra is a superstar in the making with her pop-infused and dance-ready sound. After stints in the video and entertainment industry, Hyra has zeroed in on the music world. Her newest single “Rendezvous” is here and helps build momentum for her forthcoming debut EP.

“Rendezvous” features plucking guitars, bouncy kicks, and fun synths sprinkled throughout. The track is filled with energy and groove, perfect for the summer. The chorus will get anyone moving, with thumping drums and a catchy hook. Lyrically, Hyra sings about a relationship in the shadows and furthers a feminist theme present throughout all of Hyra’s music.

As Hyra gears up for her debut EP, “Rendezvous” is the perfect track to get her fans ready. The track has an undeniable energy to it. With such a small discography filled with character and pop sounds, it will be exciting to watch her grow.

Connect with Hyra: Instagram | Twitter

Dance · Indie Pop · Pop


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