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Thuy returns with sultry summertime hit, “in my bag”

Emerging R&B songstress, Thuy highlights her powerful vocals on latest single, “in my bag.” Her smooth harmonies and upbeat demeanor give the track pop vibes with a hip-hop attitude. Boasting widespread support from her home community, the Bay Area native takes this single release as an opportunity to make it in the mainstream.

“in my bag” has a simple R&B beat equipped with bass and mellow synths. The beat takes a backseat to Thuy’s strong voice. She perfectly toggles between harmonizing between verses and rapping slightly. She quickly sings the chorus, “It's time to get in my bag, run up a check, pick up thе slack, yeah yeah.” The single is the background music for self-confidence and empowerment. Each verse glides over the beat with an inviting swagger.

Despite its self-assured lyrics, “in my bag” offers motivation and reassurance to trust the process. “Lines like, ‘I left my ego at the door and now I'm seeing better days’ is about how I’m now flourishing because I stopped letting the lows and my ego get in the way of things," she says. "When I finally got to that point, I was able to own my power and be that person who is now thriving. It took a while to find my light but now I look at what I’ve accomplished and I’m proud of myself."

Thuy's debut project is set to release later this year, inspired by heartbreak, love, and personal empowerment.

Connect with Thuy: Instagram | Twitter | TikTok 

Hip-Hop · R&B


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