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Overcoats share final chapter to their EP "Used To Be Scared Of The Dark" [Video]

Overcoats just dropped their new EP, Used To Be Scared Of The Dark and it's a total transformation. Each song serves as a chapter in their self-growth, and the visuals of each song served as a chapter in a story. The title track feels different from the rest of the EP. It's more subdued but still delivers that vulnerability that they're known for.

The folk undertones of "Used To Be Scared Of The Dark" are gentle but still carry this weight of emotion. Overcoats shared in a statement, "The song is, at its core, a folk ballad that feels true to the ages, a tale of growing away from someone and singing your strength until it becomes real."

That growing strength is not only a constant theme in this EP, but it also feels prominent in the song structure. It builds throughout the song. Their voices are perfect complements to each other. It's euphoric and cathartic at the same time, like the final scene of a movie, which feels exactly how they designed it.

The story behind the visuals, directed by Asha Maura, is about a couple, Pauli and Omari, meeting at a Brooklyn rave. The small, intimate moments shown in each visual make it all too relatable. It's so easy to get invested in the plot and their connection.

It's so detailed; every movement and glance feels so natural. The way the tension artfully builds throughout the previous videos is finally met with an emotional climax. Overcoats originally wanted this video concept to feel like those first date feelings, the idea of bonding with a stranger at a party, something most people haven't been able to fathom for over a year.

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