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Kae Sera takes a modern twist on the past with “Dames Jean”

Emerging East London based singer Kae Sera originally comes from Liverpool, the home of The Beatles. So, it seems a little hard for her not to be inspired to start a musical career. It’s these vintage soundscapes that have influenced Sera’s own sound, a 50s/60s electro-pop sound. Today, she shares her debut single, “Dames Jean”, demonstrating her elegance in sonic storytelling.

For the most part, “Dames Jean” is a beautiful atmospheric electronic pop ensemble. The 50’s inspiration comes through Sera’s honeyed vocals and comfortable melody. The dreamy effect is created by layered percussion and spongey guitar plucks with hushed background vocals to top it off. It all makes for a very glossy, loungesque track.

The song also fits well with Pride Month as she explains, “This track was written when I was exploring the idea of gender and identity. As part of the LGBT community myself, I turned James Dean into a Dame because I wanted to nod to the frame of mind I was in during a relationship, when all was unclear. […] Making this track gave me the ability to express my emotions and reflect on memories to make better life decisions.”

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