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The Slice, Episode 83 [Hip-Hop + R&B]

We triumphantly open up Episode 83 of The Slice with the uplifting sounds of emerging Nigerian rapper Fecko. His new single "Moment Of Victory" reflects his state of mind as he shares through a journey of horn-driven afrobeat/hip-hop-infused sounds. Next up is Dre Delamar who teams up with TyMatts on "Progress"—a laidback reflective track built on a moody backdrop and portrays the need to stay focus on one's job in order to progress to the next level. UK singer and rapper Becca Starr's new single "I Forgot" is a contemplative cut that reminds us to be true to oneself despite all the madness around. She blends deep lyricism and melodic runs on this one showcasing her versatility. The duo of P-Rawb and producer Big O take us through the cycle of life on "SoulScape (The Complexity)"—a somber piece that reflects on the variables and dynamics of life while finding answers within.
Rapper and trumpet player Quin Jaye caught our attention with his new release "Same Shxt." Jaye flows effortlessly over the jazzy production and gives a glimpse into his life as a young black man. The track is as reflective as it comes with Jaye adding horn solos to infuse a more nostalgic feel. D'sinatra's "Virgil Abloh" is a dark and gritty piece that details the results of making money via illicit means and the height it might take you before things crash down. He delivers an impassioned performance while basking in the short financial freedom one might get before it's all gone. Cleveland artist Zaq1st helps calm things down with this mellow single "Smoke Break"—a laid back in the cut type track that is built on hazy textures and smooth carefree flows that are influenced by the herb. "Find the Cure" by Sidestep Complex is an instrumental single by the married musical duo made up of Elizabeth Anaya Sheils and Scatterboxx. The record is quite bouncy and somewhat cinematic with its moody strings, snapping drums, and pulsating electrical guitar riffs. Netherlands and Germany collide as Donna Senders and Humbi team up for "by my own means" an uplifting track that aims to implore listeners that it's perfectly ok to do what their heart tells them. Production duties go to Humbi who laces a mellow backdrop for Donna Senders' angelic harmonies to shine on.

"Blessed" is a collaborative track by producer Beats Anonymous who links with Skyzoo and Elcamino. A blend of the old and the new, the track has a retro feel that fuses with the rapper's fiery lyricism and insightful perspectives. Still, on the producer/rapper combo, we have Radicule and longtime collaborator Cameron Butler who team up for "Rose OG+ (Requiem)." Bolstered by Radicule's lo-fi reflective backdrop, Cameron Butler revels in his own confidence while celebrating his blackness and freedom from one's rough background.

We head to the UK with the help of emcee Ultra_Eko who goes for the jugular on his new release "Be Like Me." He brings nothing but pure bravado bars that solidify his merciless pen game and style. The vibrant song is produced by Subsequel.
German soul singer Thilo caught our attention with "20 Seconds" which sees him looking back at a what-if situation for his high school crush that was left in the friend zone. The title is a reference to the time needed to confess his true feelings to the one who got away. "20 seconds" is the focus track of Thilo's debut-EP Intro:w.

DJ and producer OXIDIX and aspiring singer MISS C-LINE form the perfect alliance on this touching single titled "Margarita"—a smooth blend of future soul, dub, and hip-hop sensibilities. MISS C-LINE delivers the goods with her gripping vocal performance on this one. New Jersey artist Cinoevil displays his lyrical proficiency on "Dumb Down"—a stripped-down piece ripe with lush acoustic guitars and beatboxing grooves. Cinoevil holds nothing back and lets listeners know that he is never dumbing it down. Toronto-based singer-songwriter Hollie Sounds delivers the perfect moving on anthem titled "Faker." Over an upbeat punchy backdrop, she embodies the true spirit of finding confidence in cutting loose that individual who never really cared in the first place. Emerging rapper MoCity Jones raises the energy levels with "ELON"—a moody and cinematic track that sees the rapper in his element delivering hard-hitting bars from start to finish. It's a pure display of cadence and flows as it relates to being a true emcee. "This Time" is a collaboration between Liquid Monk and Omar Aragones that takes liberties with funk, jazz, and future soul. The dynamic production is peppered by the sublime melodic runs and uplifting harmonies delivered by Aragones.

Duckwrth brings a whole new meaning to the term "Birthday Suit" on his new release alongside vocalist Rayana Jay. Far from being an unlikely pair, the duo fuses their respective styles in seamless fashion over the warm groovy production laid before them. Jay sets it up with her low-tone sultry vocals followed by Duckwrth's light and playful delivery, which all culminates in the cheeky chorus. This is body positivity and no holds barred sexuality to the fullness as the pair reminds us that nothing beats having fun on your birthday suit with that special person. Spanish-born, Sydney-based singer ANGE closes this week's list with her new release titled "Antidote" which dwells on unrequited love and its effects. The fusion of pop and R&B is pronounced here with the catchy sublime melodies and relatable concept. The track is birthed with the help of New Zealand songwriter and producer Tama Hemara aka Innusta.

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For a full tracklist of this week's featured artists:

Fecko- "Moment Of Victory"
Dre Delamar - "Progress" (ft. TyMatts)
Becca Starr - "I Forgot"
P-Rawb & Big O - "SoulScape (The Complexity)"
Quin Jaye - "Same Shxt"
D'sinatra - "Virgil Abloh"
Zaq1st - "Smoke Break"
Sidestep Complex - "Find the Cure"
Donna Senders x Humbi - by my own means"
Beats Anonymous - "Blessed" (feat. Skyzoo & Elcamino)
Radicule. x Cameron Butler - Rose OG+ (Requiem)"
Ultra_Eko - "Be Like Me"
Thilo - "20 Seconds"
OXIDIX - "Margarita" (feat. MISS C-LINE)
Cinoevil - "Dumb Down"
Hollie Sounds - "Faker"
MoCity Jones - "ELON"
Liquid Monk x Omar Aragones - "This Time"
Duckwrth "Birthday Suit " feat. Rayana Jay
ANGE - "Antidote"

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