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Mouraine shares triumphant single "Badmon"

Mouraine has shared a triumphant single called "Badmon". The artist, who immigrated to Canada from Northern Sudan with his family after they were forced to seek asylum, has gained a strong foothold in the Edmonton music scene lately, as well as beyond. His latest offering features glorious heavy synths and pumping drums that create an adrenaline-fuelled offering.

The instrumental for "Badmon" contains rugged synths underscored rumbling 808s and crisp percussion. Subtle horn flourishes add depth to the track, giving the song more layers. All in all, the instrumental is powerful and intense, providing a solid foundation for Mouraine's exhilarating vocals. He comes through with some dexterous verses and a catchy, memorable chorus full of charisma.

Overall, "Badmon" is a strong release from Mouraine, who shows much potential on this new release. It seems that this could be a big summer for him, as he has shown much promise over his past few releases. All in all, this adrenaline-fuelled cut provides much replay value and makes for a great addition to summer playlists.

Connect with Mouraine: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter

Hip-Hop · Rap


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3 months ago

Fire song!!!