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D'Arcy comes clean about her "Bad Habit"

If you like Billie Eilish or Lorde, you’re bound to like NYC-based indie act D'Arcy. Coming in with her dark and alternative pop sounds, she’s making her presence known and offering a unique take on the genre that's setting her apart from the aforementioned artists. Today, she shares "Bad Habit"—a gripping track both sonically and lyrically from start to finish.

“Bad Habit” is a collection of quick and consistent 808s score the dramatic track. Along with fitting perfectly with D’Arcy’s raspy and heavy vocals, the minimal brooding production allows for her lyricism to shine overall. The angelic background vocals add a nice contrast and fit perfectly with the themes of light and dark throughout the song.

One can respect D’Arcy’s complete honesty when she openly shares, “Bad Habit centers on a struggle with addiction and the road to recovery. The song is imbued with self-awareness about the reality of addiction - "cards on the table I'm unstable, this is fatal, I won't hate you if you decide to leave."

Listen to “Bad Habit”, out now via DRØME.

Connect with D’Arcy: Facebook | SoundCloud | Instagram

Alt-Pop · Dark Pop · Pop


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