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Windser's "Peach Fuzz" is drenched in summer nostalgia

Windser’s new nostalgia-soaked song “Peach Fuzz” is perfect for hazy Summer days and lost memories.

This song serves as a turning point for Windser, the psychedelic vibes laced throughout this track really transport you to another place. Soft voices drift in and out, the melody slowly builds into a dreamy chorus, it feels so effortless. Windser’s voice is warm and comforting. It’s the epitome of a chill, California day, carefree and hazy. 

“Peach Fuzz” embodies the fleeting feeling of young love and that idea of time seeming endless. Windser says in a recent press release, “At the time I was digging up memories of growing up in Santa Cruz, psychedelic music I listened to back then, and formative teenage experiences that left lasting impressions on me.” Those psychedelic traces in the song really tie it all together, it's transportive and hypnotic. 

After the end of former band Mainland, Jordan Topf created a solo project under his new moniker Windser, named after the street he grew up on. His debut single "July" amassed a million streams in a very short span of time, setting off his new journey.

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