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Baker Grace releases her pop EP “The Show is Over”

Baker Grace has shared her new EP The Show Is Over. The four-track collection is a raw coming of age soundtrack where each song encapsulates a different life lesson for Grace. From this, she hopes listeners can take solace in the shared experience of not having all the answers, and figuring things out along the way. “I’ve been missing that part of me that I had when I was a little kid, where you just enjoy and appreciate every little moment," Grace shares. "I want to put that into my music.”

The EP starts with "Be Ok,", settling us in with the soft finger-plucking of an acoustic guitar and swinging synths, but with potent lyrics about the want for freedom. "I Feel For You" takes a laidback vibe with a consistent and cool backbeat. It’s complemented with Baker’s graceful melody and fuzzy guitars. She says, ‘“I Feel For You' is about fighting for someone who is struggling with their mental health and constantly being rejected. […] It's the frustration of not being able to take away their pain and make them believe that you truly love them."

The centerpiece track, "Bigger Than Me" carries a soft electronica production that one might find from Grimes or Purity Ring. Driven by pulsating beats, it fits Grace's lyrics about learning to keep on trekking despite hard times. Finally, "Simple Days," Grace longs for a life when she didn’t have to worry about society’s expectations and self-doubt. Her vocals primarily carry the track, making it a great ending to her journey.  

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