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daysormay unleash their cheerful tune “Ego”

Austrian neurologist Sigmund Freud is famously known for his study of the three concepts id, ego, and superego. Id is the instinctual part of the mind, super-ego acts as a moral conscience and ego floats between the desires of the id and super-ego. daysormay’s new single “Ego” touches on each one. The track highlights colorful soundscapes of bold synths, piercing piano and bright drums. Through the playful instrumentation that pairs perfectly with their clever lyricism, they create a joyful listen. It is sure to have your head-bobbing.

The trio began making music as early as sixth grade. Now 21, the Canada natives concoct songs bursting with so much energetic charisma. “Ego” recorded with Steve Bays (Diplo, Fitz and The Tantrums) exudes that same spirited sound.  Inspired by Glass Animals and Phoenix, the band uplifts us with their striking falsetto. Through that intoxicating quality they have obtained a dedicated fan base. This has given them the opportunity to support greats like Tessa Violet and Cold War Kids. Check out the effervescent “Ego” now.

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