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Dayna Roman pays homage to her heritage with "Petra"

Born in Jordan, but raised in Chicago, Dayna Roman is bringing a fresh blend of sounds to house music; combining influences from both her middle eastern heritage and her love for all things house music. "Petra" showcases her ability to delicately weave the two worlds together to create a unique soundscape.

A relatively new name in the dance music scene, "Petra" marks Dayna's just second ever release. A working model and DJ for private events, Dayna is now shifting to release her self-produced tracks and go full speed ahead into her producing career. As a woman in the often male-dominated space, her aim is to empower and inspire women around the world with her music and to give offer a voice particularly to her fellow middle easterners'.

"Petra" features a heavy ethnic influence with Arabian female vocals and trumpets that set the scene throughout the track. Instilling feelings of foreign middle eastern lands, the upbeat kicks keep the journey and intensity thriving throughout.  With little music released so far, "Petra" is a strong signal of what's yet to come for Dayna. We expect her to continue to tap into her roots as she continues to meld and form her signature sound as a producer.


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Dance · House


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