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Johnny Dynamite & The Bloodsuckers is our new romantic with "Bats In The Woods" [Video]

If you were looking for the perfect new song to embody the 1980's, Johnny Dynamite & The Bloodsuckers’ latest, “Bats In The Woods,” could be it. The song has all the passion, romanticism, and angst of the era without actually being from the era. Johnny Dynamite delivers the most idyllic soft, hushed vocals to win everyone over with his mullet and bedroom eyes. Then, he comes in with this super catchy, anthemic chorus that demands another repeat (and another). The instrumentals are not to be ignored either. The Bloodsuckers complete the pairing with warm, sugary sweet guitar and all the right bass grooves. Blasting this basically takes you back in time. The video will fully take you there if the song alone isn’t enough.

Brooklyn-based Johnny Dynamite, the solo alias of John Morisi, takes his name from the illustrative work of acclaimed comic book artist and his grandfather, Pete Morisi. The Bloodsuckers join in as our modern-day Dynamite's band. One of Pete Morisi’s most iconic characters was named Johnny Dynamite and was considered to be an anti-hero detective from the underworld. The theme of “Bats In The Woods” could even be a comic. Johnny Dynamite describes it to press as a song “about romance with a friend who was fighting their inner demons, the bats.” Dynamite goes on to say that he "wanted to make sure they found their inner peace before we got serious.” Perhaps we need to listen to see how the relationship goes.

Johnny Dynamite & The Bloodsuckers' track “Bats In The Woods” will be a part of their second album, which will be called Sleeveless. The single is out now, but look for the full album to be released June 25th via Born Losers Records. It’s available to pre-order both physically and digitally from the label’s Bandcamp.

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