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"Witness" Kinney's eclectic sound on latest single

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter, Kinney, is in her own lane when it comes to being defined by a genre. Mixing elements of indie, dance, and folk music she hopes to inspire contemplation through her music. On her latest single "Witness", she showcases her eclectic sound, offering an inspiring and imaginative experience. Out via Bad Owl Records, "Witness" is the first taste of new music since Kinney's debut EP, So Glad You Exist. A new direction, the single pushes listeners into a lighter world of sounds as we come out of the heaviness of the past year.

The song has a low-key tempo, with a focus on Kinney's casual laid-back vocals over some simple piano chords. Featuring random sound elements scattered throughout like a guy coughing, xylophone hits, various scattered percussion, and a wavy synthesizer, the components attribute to an exciting and stimulating listen.


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