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Donovan's Playground shares bittersweet single "midnight thoughts"

Donovan's Playground, one half of the renowned lo-fi duo Fallen Roses, has shared a bittersweet new single entitled "midnight thoughts", featuring Fallen Roses' B Dom and YouTube star Wefere. This breezy track features soft, nocturnal instrumentation that provides a reflective, reminiscent backdrop.

Sonically, "midnight thoughts" is centred around pensive guitars and melancholic keys that play out softly overtop organic sounding drums. Underneath, warm bass glues the track together, creating a hazy, hypnotic groove. The overall production sounds textured and smooth, adding to the mesmerizing feel of this track. All in all, this cozy single makes for a great soundtrack for deep thoughts or reflecting on one's life.

"midnight thoughts" is the latest single from Donovan's Playground, a lo-fi producer signed to the successful Majestic Casual record label. After a series of strong releases with his group Fallen Roses, he has returned for a mystical offering that is heartfelt and nostalgic, cementing himself as one of the most prolific and skilled producers in lo-fi hip-hop right now.

Connect with Donovan's Playground: Spotify | Instagram

Connect with B Dom: Spotify | Instagram

Connect with WefereTwitter | Instagram

Hip-Hop · Jazz Hop · Lo-Fi


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