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Lloyd Banks and Ransom give us one of the deadly sins on "Gluttony"

Two greats Ransom and Lloyd Banks give us hardcore rap when they come together to spit fiery bars on their new single "Gluttony" off of Ransom's upcoming new project Se7en

When you look at their catalog, Ransom and Lloyd Banks are both known for the heat that they bring when it comes to their strong catalog of music. It is no surprise that when these two indestructible forces come together, their pen, tone, and delivery is absolutely lethal.
Sonically, the background music starts off with dark beats, foreshadowing the slaughter that their intense words are about to cause. The low-end piano keys that are being struck particularly create a spooky atmosphere, brilliantly reinforcing how hard Ransom and Banks are about to go. When Ransom gets on the track, his intense bars shake the entire room. The witty wordplay is the perfect example that shows that lyrics still matter, such as when Ransom raps, "There is always an opinion when they doubt mine/ I shoot perfect from 3 and they'll say you missed from the foul line/ I get sick with these foul lines." The same intensity occurs when Lloyd Banks gets on the track, letting everyone not only witness but feel his intelligent wordplay with every single word that he utters. The rhyme schemes that both of these geniuses articulate are guaranteed to move us to our core.
 Connect with Ransom: Instagram | Twitter | Spotify 
Connect with Lloyd BanksInstagram | Twitter | Spotify 
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