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Buda & Grandz give us some music to play 'Throughout The Day'

Two producers from different boroughs in New York, Buda, a Bronx Native, and Grandz from Queens, come together to drop heat in new album Throughout The Day, filled with intriguing sounds that will have our ears peeled to the speakers.
Buda & Grandz have both produced for well-known hip-hop artists in the past, such as Dave East, late Nipsey Hussle, and Rick Ross to name a few. Deciding to come together to put an instrumental album out, these two have definitely surpassed any and all expectations, creating a different path that not many have taken. Diving into lofi hip-hop, these two experiment with unique sounds and various instruments in order to create music that is soothing and undeniably relieves stress.
Starting off the album with "Slowmo," these two artists intelligently metaphorically tell us that we need to wake up, as they begin the album with alarm clock sounds. The rest of the track continues to be calming, which is highly interesting as they begin to incorporate boom bap sounds with guitar strings and dreamy beats. On "Sea Coast," they continue the theme of peace, as the drums and chimes create a soothing atmosphere where we can relax. With each track that goes by, we become introduced to diverse sounds, giving us an escape for a little while. Closing up the album with "Goodnight," these two producers cleverly create a pleasing lullaby through drums, light piano keys, and other eccentric sounds. Press play and enter the dreamy world, causing you to forget about your problems for a little while. 
Connect with Buda & Grandz: Instagram | Twitter | Spotify 
Hip-Hop · Instrumental · Lo-Fi


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