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Teddy Fontana drops her energetic new EP Paradise City

Dark pop darling Teddy Fontana releases her new spine-chilling EP Paradise City. The offering was written at a time when negativity was at its highest due to the effects of the pandemic. The EP became an outlet for voicing her most intimate daily feelings. Fusing modern pop with retro components, this 7-track standout cuts to the core.  

Commencing with “The Edge” this daring track is a fierce narration of fighting for the one you love. With smoky vocals, sharp synths and bold percussion there is a fiery heat radiating off the release. “Now” is an eccentric electro tune blending mechanical arrangements with country-western guitars. Her seductive vocals soar over a booming bassline for a true intoxicating gem. Ending with “Burn Bright” this Lana-esque track is sure to get your heart pumping. The penetrating piece is one of strength, narrating the determination to not let anything break you. It is the perfect finish, leaving listeners with a feeling of empowerment.

The dynamic artist concocts a distinct style that definitely sets her apart. Fontana is recognized for pairing sorrowful lyrical sentiments with animated production. This contrast results in tracks that uplift while also simultaneously haunt you. Paradise City showcases that same juxtaposition with songs that are extremely emotive and personal to the singer. She reveals, “Most of my writing comes from a very real place of feelings that I’ve experienced personally. I can be a lot more fearless with what I say in a song vs. a conversation with someone.”

Connect with Teddy Fontana: Twitter | Instagram

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