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Aundrey Guillaume is undeniable and fearless on 'ZERO Demo.'

Innately mysterious and independently innovative, Aundrey Guillaume channels all the fiery sonic energies of a Baby Keem in his newest demo ZERO.  Hailing from California's Inland Empire, the cloudy yet energetic Guillaume has been making all the right impressions with his unique vivacity since his debut demo tape REHAB dropped just two months ago.  

ZERO Demo. is a similarly bouncy and vibrant cut to his last demos.  Utilizing highly advanced flows and techniques that you just don't hear from someone with 100 monthly listeners on Spotify, Guillaume is a name to know now if you care about being "first" on a surefire superstar's young career.  With tracks like "WIT DA CREW!" that feel wholly Kendrick-esque, there is a burst of machine-like precision on every bar and every hook on the short project.  "CLUELESS" is an icy and flawless track that sounds akin to many other new-wave West Coast rappers like the aforementioned Baby Keem.  "WHO AM I?" is probably the question everyone listening to the project will be asking of Aundrey, and the track aptly deals with handling the inevitably rising expectations of a young and rapidly evolving artist.  

It feels almost unfair to heap such astronomical comparisons onto such a new artist, but if Aundrey Guillaume continues to deliver indisputable bangers with backbone, the comparisons will continue to come and they will stick.  Stay tuned to the IE artist in the near future as he shows every sign that he will soon reach new heights.  

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Hip-Hop · Rap


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