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Eduard Luli shows us how "Numb" he feels [Video]

Eduard Luli releases a new visual for his single "Numb," a powerful track filled with raw emotion that speaks to the depth of our soul. 


Recently, Eduard Luli dropped Love & Fear, an emotional album that dived deep into many intense emotions. His new single, "Numb" is not much different when it comes to feeling intensely. If there's one thing that Eduard is good at, it's being vulnerable through the deep lyrics present in this track.
Singing and rapping about an unrequited love, Eduard reveals the pain that he holds within so beautifully that we literally feel the scars that he has through the soulful projection of his voice. The poetic words are perfectly delivered as our senses come to life seeing the colorful, aesthetically pleasing visual coupled with the depth of his internal struggle. The repetition of the words "love," "come," "trust" and a few others create a rhyme scheme and a catchy hook that makes it impossible to forget this song. The guitar strings make for the perfect background sounds, especially because of the raw emotions and the strength in the passionate lyrics. Press play if you're craving love but you can't seem to get it from the one you want.
Connect with Eduard Luli: Instagram | Spotify 
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27 days ago

Amazing somg would high recommend