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Surrija's "How Do I" is gracefully urgent [Video]

A year removed from her self-titled (and 100-percent crowdfunded) debut project, EARMILK favorite Surrija is back in the booth with "How Do I." Originally slated for her album, the standalone single plays to Surrija's strengths: transcendent songwriting and vocals as seamless and gratifying as a Hanzo katana sword through hot butter.

Buffets are a little iffy at the moment, but the smorgasbord of harmonies Surrija dishes out on this track is plenty appetizing. When her ethereal voice is stacked two, three, four times over, it is truly arresting. And yet, you can't help but feel a sliver of foreboding, aided by the steady, urgent guitar strums and lyrics that reproduce the anxiety of keeping up appearances in the midst of chaos.

If you're vibing with "How Do I," definitely peep "Barcelona," the lead single off Surrija's album. She has also adapted to the Zoom boom by streaming live music from her home studio, as well as ASMR videos in which she eats cereal, cake, and occasionally her dog's ears. Surrija's artistry is just as dynamic as her singular voice, and the next release will undoubtedly be in a lane all its own.

Connect with Surrija: Instagram | Spotify | Twitter | YouTube

Acoustic · Experimental · Indie


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Jonathan Kurtz
Jonathan Kurtz
29 days ago

I've been a fan of yous on You Tube for more than 15 years. Love your creativity & musicality and your pitch perfect voice, along with your desire for total perfection.

29 days ago
Reply to  Jonathan Kurtz

This means the world!