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SaintAhmad's "It's Just Me" drips with magnetism

Brooklyn-based SaintAhmad is a multi-faceted artist in every sense of the way. The rapper, singer, dancer, songwriter and content creator takes noteworthy elements from each of these disciplines and transforms them into hybrid creations that explode with novelty and charisma.

The emerging artist just released the single and video for “It’s Just Me” revealing his songwriting talents, smooth vocal delivery, and ability to make R&B which doesn’t sound artificial. SaintAhmad can not only sing, but he has the ability to write catchy, hook-filled tracks that represent a broad spectrum of reflection without the over saturation of clichés.

“It’s Just Me” is a funky, swagger-filled song about accepting yourself – flaws, talents, and everything that exists in between - so that you can ultimately accept and have fun with the person that you’re in a relationship with. As a self-proclaimed “out-and-proud” gay Black man, Ahmad sees the world through a lens that he feels needs to be exposed, so that everyone can powerfully exist in their true identity and celebrate what makes them stand out. The song has the nostalgia of a 90s hip-hop beat layered with contemporary, innovative melodies and soulful vocals defined by earnestness, wit and intelligence. “I really wanted to highlight myself with this record, feel good being myself, and just enjoy life. It’s a feel-good record that is about young love, being free, and enjoying your time together with that person. This record is meant to show the confidence in myself to ‘Just Be Me’ and nothing else.” 

Jazz/funk artist Aidan Paul adds his vocals to the mix, adding another layer of flavor and personality. The accompanying video shows SaintAhmad together with Aiden Paul just exploring life together without any societal pressures. All in all, it’s refreshing to hear an artist not taking himself too seriously and having a positively good time with the record.

SaintAhmad is a Tokyo born Brooklyn-based artist who creates soulful, innovative R&B songs mixed with throwback hip-hop aesthetics. Being somewhat of a hopeless romantic, his music has undertone themes of love and sex, where he explores the fantasies that ruminate in his head. As a black gay man in America, his music reflects the confidence and empowerment that comes from being his true and authentic self. Ahmad first discovered his love for singing and performing while at church and holds a BFA in Dance from Florida State University.

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